Hidden amongst the street art and brightly painted shipping containers you may not think you would find a bustling coffee shop, however there is more then meets the eye with our cafe, as one of these shipping containers is home to our fantastic Cockburn store.


Becky and her team at Mooba Cockburn have been providing customers with excellent coffee, food, cold drinks and top service for over 3 years now. Located in the center of Cockburn City, facing out onto a large grassy open space, Cockburn is bustling with families, young couples and business and trade professionals.


Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 6:00am-2pm 

Saturday: 8:00am- 2pm 

Sunday: Closed 


7 Junction Blvd, Cockburn Central
WA 6164, Australia

moobacockburn@gmail.com \ 0413 682 544